Spring 2018 update:

InfantCarry™ participated in another event to meet people and look for opportunities to get to market. Steph and I participated in the National Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Day, March 21st, at the Colorado State Capitol. The event is a national, collective proclamation of the success and impact of America’s small businesses. Two wings of the capitol building’s ground floor were packed with small businesses showing their products, as well as others – like InfantCarry™ – who are seeking marketing and/or production opportunities.

The general public was invited, and many of those who stopped at our table had positive comments and words of encouragement. Those who are beyond the baby carrier stage wished InfantCarry™ had been around when they were struggling with the uncomfortable weight distribution on the forearm issue that InfantCarry™ addresses.

We did meet several members of the federal Small Business Administration (SBA) and the Colorado Small Business Development Center (SBDC) who provided contact information for follow-up discussions.


2018 Update:

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas and will have a New Year filled with many blessings!

InfantCarry™ did make it to the ABC Kids Expo in October, 2017, when a local attendee agreed to also share our revised prototype with companies that had indicated an interest two years ago. We are hoping to connect with them in 2018

We continue to look for ways to get InfantCarry™ to market. One approach has been to participate in the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Denver Metro’s Trout Tank program. The Trout Tank, in a format similar to the Shark Tank, helps entrepreneurs develop a five-minute pitch about their business, non-profit organization, or their invention, which can then be used with potential investors. It is with the idea that one may meet a potential investor after sharing their “story”.

There were 15 entrepreneurs in the recent Trout Tank. Each week the SBDC featured three participants on their website. Week 2 participants, including InfantCarry™, were featured and can be seen at the SBDC website. Four participants were selected for the final pitch on December 7th. Although InfantCarry™ was not selected for the final presentation, it was a great opportunity to meet people, and make others aware of InfantCarry™.


2017 Update:

When we attended ABC Kids Expo 2015, InfantCarry™ received a lot of interest, but also consistent recommendations to make the InfantCarryTM usable on most carriers without needing individual inserts for particular models. In January, 2016, we began reengineering InfantCarryTM, working with a local Denver area manufacturing company. We’ve recently completed a new design with prototypes for final testing. The new design, pictured below, uses a strap that wraps around the baby carrier handle and is threaded through a slot to a buckle inside the InfantCarry™. The InfantCarry™ opens to loosen the strap and closes to increase tightness. Since all baby carrier handles have different profiles and are different widths, the strap accommodates those differences to form a tight fit. Once the strap is fitted to a handle, a pin at the top of the strap can easily be pulled to release the strap for movement to the other side or to change the direction – depending on individual preferences.

The new prototypes are in testing at the manufacturer, as well as with volunteer mothers with new babies. We hope to make minor changes and approve the design to be ready for production soon. The molds for the InfantCarry™ device will cost around $50,000. Unless we find an investor, we will conduct a crowdfunding campaign. (We should have an approximate cost after the final modifications are complete.) The campaign will pre-sell the devices with covers, and provide funding for the molds. We will post information about the campaign here, and we thank you for your support as you continue to follow our progress!

Winter 2016 Update:

In mid-Oct we went to the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas with InfantCarry and had a booth in the Invention Connection. It was a great opportunity to see all that is available in the baby world and meet the buyers and sellers. The good news is that there was nothing like InfantCarry at the Expo, and there was a lot of interest from the visitors to the booth.carbones1nick1

There were also several recommendations for improving it, which we took back with us. We are working with our Denver manufacturer to implement those recommendations that will make it safer, easier to use, and possibly able to clamp onto most baby carrier handles. Unfortunately, there are over a dozen different carrier handle profiles. Today we use an insert to match specific profiles and could sell them with the appropriate insert, but would prefer to find a way to use one or two inserts that would adapt to most handles.

We are blessed that the Expo gave us the opportunity to make changes before we invested in molds and tooling for the current prototype. We are looking forward to seeing those changes materialize over the next few months. Hopefully we will have a new prototype for testing soon. Perhaps before the end of 2016 we will have a product to sell!


Fall 2015 Update:

The ABC Kids Expo is quickly approaching. This year it is in Las Vegas on Oct 18-21. InfantCarry will be in Booth 1 in the Invention Connection section. We have new 3D molded clamp inserts to fit 9 different baby carrier handles. We also have a flatter base plate that should make it easier to lock the handle back for auto transport. We have one prototype currently out for use and have had great feedback which will be posted soon. Check out this link to see our location.


We thought it was time for an update!!  This has been an adventure and a great lesson about getting a product to market.  The most important lesson is to ensure you do adequate testing and evaluate feedback. If you get it wrong and get negative comments, you may never recover. Our biggest problem has been the clamp inserts, that must match the profile of the carrier handle. So far we have found seven different car seat manufacturers with some having more than one handle design. We’ll need to include inserts for most handle designs with each InfantCarry. We have three InfantCarry devices out with new mothers for testing. As a result of feedback, we are making changes to the radius of the base plate and padding to help it lock back when in a car.

The good news is we have a label for the cover and material for the initial delivery. Check out the pictures below:



More good news!! We’ve been accepted for the Invention Connection section at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas from Oct. 18-21. We’ll even have our own booth. The Invention Connection is where Juvenile Products companies look for new products to license. We would like to license InfantCarry™ rather than fill orders from the kitchen table. More info to come as we get closer to the Expo.

Patent.  After three years we have a full Utility Patent! The idea for InfantCarry™ started about five years ago when Katie was born. Struggling with a baby carrier as Katie gained weight gave birth to an idea for spreading the weight over the forearm. That way we could stand upright and not bruise the forearm or leg; which made carrying her much more comfortable. In January 2011, after several prototypes made from PVC pipes in the garage, we filed a Provisional Patent. Several improvements were made to the mechanism that clamps InfantCarry™ to the baby carrier, and in December 2011 we filed for a full Utility Patent. We were patent pending and on the way! On October 7, 2014 the patent was issued. We now have a very professional looking patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office! We are not yet ready for production, but are carefully working through the process to make sure InfantCarry™ makes carrying a baby safe and comfortable for both parent and baby.
Production Update.  We are on our third and FINAL prototype. With each prototype we test to make sure the forearm/biceps plate is the right size and the clamp works easily and is secure. Several recent changes should ensure the clamp stays closed and safe. The engineering drawings are nearly complete and we have a production estimate from a local Denver manufacturer to make part of InfantCarry™. It’s very important to us to be all American made! After the drawings are complete the manufacturer will have tooling and molds made, which will take several months. While those are being made, we’re working on packaging and will start production of the covers. The process has taken much longer than expected, but not longer than what is normal for a new product to go from idea to production. Although we may have missed some of you who have babies who are now out of their baby carriers; we’ll hopefully have the InfantCarry™ ready for your next little ones!